How Skin Brushing Before Bed Helps Reduce Stress

In the past few years, skin brushing has gained more and more interest due to its numerous benefits. It is just like a relaxing therapy for the body that doesn’t cost much money but delivers astonishing results. Before we proceed to how doing this before bed helps to reduce stress, let’s first learn about what […]

How Stress can Impact Your Digestion

Stress doesn’t just affect your brain; it has an equally deep impact on all the parts of the body. Whenever a person is under stress, he goes through several changes in his normal body functions. For many people, one of these changes includes issues with the proper digestion of meals. For example, some people start […]

Why Self-Help Isn’t Helping You

Have you tried to make changes in your life that didn’t stick? Maybe you’ve bought and read plenty of self-help books and yet you still aren’t making or seeing the changes in yourself that you dream of? Are you wondering why that is? Today I’m talking about why Self-Help Information doesn’t always stick or work […]

Develop Morning Habits to Combat Stress

Do you know that practicing a good morning routine can save you from unnecessary stress and anxiety?  Mornings are a blessing and we must take the maximum benefit from them. To do so, it’s important to plan and set up a good morning routine first. However, this thought itself is stressful for many people. So […]

Stress and How it Affects Losing Your Hair

Do you know that your constant stress can cause hair loss?  It has been found through research that there is a close association between hair loss and stress. Although there are a few causes for hair loss, stress is also one of them.  Many people complain about excessive hair loss when they are going through […]

The Benefits of Yoga for Stress Relief

Are you thinking about doing yoga to get its benefits for stress relief? If so, you have made a very good decision because yoga has a positive influence on the stress level of a person.  The varying postures with a deep mental involvement and meditation relieve all the stress of a person. In fact, this […]

How Stress can Trigger Infections in the Body

Do you know that prolonged conditions of stress can lead you to develop yeast infections like candida (vaginal thrush)? Stress ruins your life in numerous ways. It doesn’t only affect your sleep, digestion, and mood but also your skin. It is normal to get anxious sometimes due to some unusual happenings in our life. However, […]

25 Doable Self-Care Tips to Help Change Your Life

Self-care isn’t just a buzz word, or for women who spend their days shopping or drinking champagne in their bubble bath. Self-care allows you to slow down and focus on YOU for a bit so you can relieve stress, calm your mind and body, and reclaim your work-life balance. Table of Contents Why is self-care […]